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Become a Guardian of Guiding Star Ministries!

Guiding Star Ministries is able to house as many as 9 women.  If all of these women were to have a baby while living at Guiding Star, we will have significantly impacted at least 18 lives.  Guiding Star Ministries enrolls women in employment and/or educational programs, and we also offer in-home counseling services as well as provide day-to-day necessities (such as food, clothing, diapers, bedding, hygiene products, etc.).

Your monthly gift is tax-deductible, and will enroll you as a Guardian of Guiding Star Ministries. You will receive our quarterly newsletter as well as updates on how your gift is changing the lives of these courageous women who are choosing LIFE.  

Thank you for becoming a Guardian of Guiding Star Ministries!